Indie XO Sexy Halloween Costumes 2021

Costumes aren't just for kids! Our adult costumes will have grown-ups getting excited for Halloween. We have a selection of Halloween costumes for women for all styles and sizes. Browse through to find your perfect sexy costume. Or pair up with your significant other and choose a stunning couples costume look that'll be sure to win any costume contest!

There aren’t many times a year when an Indie XO Babe can let go and embrace the confident side of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed until we put on a flapper dress or Cleopatra dress. And whether we realize it or not, what we wear one night will seep into the rest of our lives.

Sexy makes us own the character our costume represents. How powerful would you feel when you’re dressed as a slinky kitty cat? There is a time and place for cozy and a night at a wild party certainly isn’t that! That being said, not all of our sexy women’s costumes simply show a lot of skin. There are a few sexy Red Riding hoods that are topped off with a long coat. And yet the vibe screams confidence. That wolf had better watch it.

And of course, you never have to go it alone! With the help of Indie XO Sexy Costumes, staging a bachelorette part prison break is easy! We have a variety of sexy prisoner uniforms in both stripes and jailbird orange so that each of your gals can wear a different ensemble on the big night out. That goes for almost every theme. Having a poolside mermaid party. You can choose from a look as unique as our Dark Noir Mermaid to a sporty high waisted short and shell bra. The themes go on. We have varieties of pirates, flappers, Disney princesses, and even villains. As we said earlier, in this modern age you get to choose what sexy is to you. So, go ahead and browse through our collection. And if you find something that you love, let your friends know you got it at They deserve selection when it comes to sexy too! And don’t forget to come back again, we’re always adding to our styles.